Emigration Routes from Germany and Poland from 1800-1845

Worms, Beresan, Russia founded in 1806 by settlers from Germany--most came from Württemberg--Gottfried Habermann came from Preussen.

City Plat of Worms, Beresan Russia--350 lots, 2,100 residents at high census point around 1900. Habermann family emigrated to Germany in 1905.

Village plat of Johannestal, Beresan, Russia. Home to Metzger relatives and also ancestors of those living in Hebron, ND.

Map of Romania and Bessarabia before WWII. At one time, the Dobrudscha was part of The Kingdom of Bulgaria.

The German Villages of Bessarabia, Russia--founded in 1814 and ended in 1940. Ancestrors came from Gnadental,Teplitz, Kulm, Tarutino, Beresina. Ancestors from here were Weller, Martin, Heim, Roloff, Hoffmann.

Gnadental was established in 1830 and existed until 1940. It was home for Weller, Traub, Martin and Kuttruf ancestors.

City Plat of Gnadental. 88 lots. Weller yard was #17. Traub was #9. Theodor Martin owned 1/2 of #60 from 1925-1937.

Village of Fachria, Dobrudscha, Romania. Established in 1874. It had largest percent of Germans of all villages. Home of Habermanns until 1940.

Village plat of Fachria. Georg Habermann owned home next to his brother-in-law, Eduard Heim. Located in middle row, 10 yards from left side of plat.

Village plat of Cobadin, Dobrudscha, Romania. It was home to Theodor Martin family from 1937-1940 and again after return from Austria after war.

Locations in Austria highlighted are Feldbach, Ybbs. a. d. Donau, Melk, Krems where Habermann and Martin families lived in refuge camps during WWII.

Wanderings from evacuation from Fachria and Cobadin, Romania for Habermann and Martin families from 1940-45.

Wanderings of Georg and Oskar Habermann families from Melnike Vtelno, Czech to Germany in April 1945.