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Greetings!  This is a place where we can post information, discuss a topic, or seek information for other viewers to see, interact and collaborate in an effort to explore and learn more.  Enjoy! Hal

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  1. Habermann Christian

    found your site while strolling through the web and googling my family name.
    What a wonderfull idea!

    best regards
    Christian Habermann

    1. admin

      Thank you Christian for your comment regarding the Habermann Family blog. I hope that you found it interesting and pertinent to your Habermann family. If you wish, we could correspond via email to find out whether we have a kinship.
      Thank you . Hal Habermann

  2. Ola, eu está pesquisando mais uma vez sobre minha família que me deparo com esse site, gostei muito, tenho foto do meu tataravô que foi soldado alemão Erich Kurt Habermann

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